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It's in the Bag

What to do:math games

  1. After getting home from grocery shopping, have your child guess how many objects there are in a bag. Ask: Is it full? Could it hold more? Could it tear if you put more in it? Are there more things in another bag of the same size? Why do some bags hold more or less than others?
  2. Put several 1-pound items in a bag. Let your child pick it up. Estimate the weight and then count the items. Was your estimate close or not?
  3. Estimate the weight of the bag of groceries. Does it weigh 5 pounds, 10 pounds, or more? How can you check your estimate? Now, compare one bag to another. Which is lighter or heavier? Why?

Parent tip:
Explore ways to estimate volume and weight by looking in the bag and feeling how much it weighs. Compare it to a known weight (such as a 5-pound bag of sugar).

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