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What Is It Like?

The second theme used by geographers is the theme of place. Every place has a personality. Just like people, places may have a lot in common, but no two are exactly alike. We can learn a lot about the people and the physical characteristics of any given place. Try these activities:

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Kid geography

What Is My Home Like?

What Is the Weather Today?

What makes a place special? What are the physical and human characteristics of your hometown? Is the soil sandy or rocky? Is the temperature warm or is it cold? Did important historical events occur there? Do you live near a river or lake? What physical features are most important or different from other places?

What about the people? How do they affect the characteristics of a place? What is their language, what do they believe in, what do their houses and buildings look like? What type of work do they do? All of these features define the special character of a place.

When your children learn about the trees, roads, and buildings that make up their neighborhood and city, they see that where they live is special. Young children can learn to name the physical traits of the places in which they live, naming the landforms, bodies of water, soil, plants, weather, and climate in their immediate surroundings from their own point of view.

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