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There Is So Much In the World.
How Can We Look At It All?

Because there are so many things to study and so much to look at, geographers divide the world into physical, cultural, and economic regions. A region is an area that includes a number of places, all of which have something in common. Physical regions may have a particular type of climate, natural feature, or plant life.

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world geography A cultural region has some common culture and history that distinguish it from other nearby regions. In some areas, people speak the same language, observe the same holidays, practice similar religions, or share a political identity. An economic region may be known by what is made and exported from an area.

Try these activities:

Toddlers can learn about the regions in their own home and neighborhood. We use certain areas for different purposes. There are areas with water, like bathrooms and kitchens, or areas with beds like bedrooms. Many children over 4 years of age may be able to explore the part of the Earth that is closest to them and begin naming the traits that make it special.

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