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Put it Away

What you'll need:
Paper, pencil, ruler, and computer

What to do:

  1. After getting home from grocery shopping, find one characteristic that is the same for some of the products. For example, some are boxes and some are cans.
  2. Put together all the items that have the same characteristic.
  3. Find another way to group these items.
  4. Continue sorting, finding as many different ways to group the items as you can.
  5. Play "Guess My Rule." In this game, you sort the items and ask your child to guess your rule for sorting them. Then, reverse roles and let your child sort the items so that you can guess their rule.
  6. Using paper, pencil, ruler, and computer, make a chart of how many items are in each category.

Parent tip:
Putting away groceries helps children develop classifying and reasoning skills and the ability to examine data or information.

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