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Get into Shapes

What to do:Learn with math game

  1. Show your child the pictures of the shapes on this page (cone, cylinder, square boxes, and rectangular prism) before going to the store. This will help your child identify them when you get to the store.
  2. At the store, ask your child questions to generate interest in the shapes. Which items are solid? Which are flat? Which shapes have flat sides? Which have circles for faces? Which have rectangles? Do any have points at the top?
  3. Point out shapes and talk about their qualities and their use in daily life. Look to see what shapes stack easily. Why do they? Try to find some cones. How many can you find? Look for stacks that look like a pyramid. Determine which solids take up a lot of space and which ones stack well. Discuss why space is important to the grocer and why the grocer cares about what stacks well. (More space allows for more products to be stored.)

Parent tip:
Recognizing the different shapes that food is packaged in, such as square boxes, rectangular boxes, cones, and cylinders, will help children connect math and volume principles to the real world.

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