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Talk With Someone at School To Resolve Problems

homework help

Homework hassles can often be avoided when parents and caregivers value, monitor, and guide their children's work on assignments. But, sometimes helping in these ways is not enough. Problems can still come up. If they do, the schools, teachers, parents, and students may need to work together to resolve them.

You may want to contact the teacher if

  • your child refuses to do her assignments, even though you've tried hard to get her to do them;

  • instructions are unclear;

  • you can't seem to help your child get organized to finish the assignments;

  • you can't provide needed supplies or materials;

  • neither you nor your child can understand the purpose of assignments;

  • the assignments are often too hard or too easy;

  • the homework is assigned in uneven amounts--for instance, no homework is given on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, but on Thursday four of your child's teachers all make big assignments that are due the next day; or

  • your child has missed school and needs to make up assignments.

In some cases, the school guidance counselor may be helpful in resolving such problems.

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