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Math for fun!

During summer vacations, on rainy days, while waiting at the doctor's office, or on a stroll through the neighborhood learning never ends. Your children can explore some fascinating mathematical possibilities in the world around them every day. Fun mathFor instance, math can be found outdoors in nature: look for symmetry in leaves; count the number, sizes, and kinds of trees on your street; and look at the various shapes and patterns of blooming flowers. Children will be learning math and enjoying it too! The activities in this section can be done anytime and anywhere.

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Fun math activities:

Perhaps one of the most important ways that families can reinforce mathematics achievement is simply by having a positive attitude that children can master challenging math. Too often, we undermine our children's interest in math by using statements such as "math is hard" or "I didn't like math either." Research shows that when we believe all children can learn challenging materials and we set high expectations, children rise to the occasion.

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