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Helping Your Child With Homework


This site helps answer questions that parents and others who care for children in elementary and junior high school often ask about homework. Included are practical ideas for helping children complete homework assignments successfully!

A parent's interest can spark enthusiasm in a child and help teach the most important lesson of all -- that learning can be fun and is well worth the effort.

Provide Guidance
The basic rule is, "Don't do the assignments yourself." It's not your homework -- it's your child's. Doing assignments for your child won't help him understand and use information.  more ...

Show you think homework is important
If they know their parents care, children have a good reason to complete assignments and turn them in on time. There is a lot that you can do to show that you value education and homework. Here's what you can do:

What's the right amount of homework?
Why do teachers assign homework, and how does it benefits your child? Learn the basics of homework

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