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History Education Begins at Home
As parents we are in the best position to encourage our children's natural interest in history. It is to us they address their first historical questions: "Where did I come from?" and "Was I always here?" These two questions contain the two main meanings of "history": it is the story of people and events, and it is the record of times past.  Read more ...

The Meanings of History
If you look for the meaning of "history" in the dictionary you may be surprised to find that history is not simply the past itself. The first meaning of history is "tale, story," and the second meaning is "a chronological record of significant past events." The opening of tales for children--"Once upon a time"--captures both the story and time nature of history.  Read more ...

A New Look at History
History is now understood to be more than memorizing names and dates. While being able to recall the details of great people and events is important, the enjoyment of history is enhanced by engaging in activities and experiencing history as a "story well told."  Read more ...

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