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License Plate Riddles

kid math

What you'll need:
License plates, paper, and pencil

What to do:

  1. While traveling in a car, or on a bus, everyone watches for license plates, focusing on one in particular for 5 minutes. The object is to use the digits on the license plate to make the largest 3-digit number possible. When a player chooses a license plate during the 5-minute watching period, they call out the 3-digit number they have made from the license plate. The person with the largest number wins the round. Try the next round so the winner is the person with the smallest 3-digit number.
  2. Let each letter on a license plate be worth the value of its position in the alphabet. A= 1, M =13, Z = 26. Each person chooses a license plate and adds the value of the letters. The person with the lowest or the highest value wins the round.
  3. For younger children, this activity can be simplified by having them find the largest single digit, or double digit, or even add all the numbers on the license plate, or just recognize digits.

Parent tip:
This game helps children to develop their knowledge of numbers and to think algebraically.

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