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License Plate Special

math problem

What you'll need:
License plates, paper, pencil, and ruler

What to do:

  1. Copy down a license plate number as you are traveling in your car, walking around the neighborhood, or sitting on a park bench watching cars go by. Read the license plate as a number (excluding the letters). For example, if the license were 663M218, the number would be six hundred and sixtythree thousand two hundred and eighteen.
  2. Find other license plates and read their numbers. Is the number less than, greater than, or equal to yours?
  3. Estimate the difference between your number and another license plate. Is it 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000?
  4. Record the names of the states of many different license plates as you see them. From which state do you see the most? Which has the fewest? Prepare a chart or graph to show your findings.

Parent tip:
This license plate activity encourages reading, recognizing numbers, noticing symbols, writing, counting, and graphing.

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