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More or Less

Fun mathWhat you'll need:
One coin, number cards, scratch paper, pen, and pencil

What to do:
Two players will play a card game where each will draw a card. The players will compare cards to see who wins that round. Before you begin, flip the coin and call "heads" or "tails" to see if the winner of each round will be the person with a greater value card (heads) or a smaller value card (tails).

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  1. To begin the game, divide the cards evenly between the two players.
  2. Place the cards face down. Each player turns over one card at a time and compares: Is mine more or less? How many more? How many less? The player with the greater or smaller value card (depending on whether heads or tails was tossed) takes both cards.
  3. The winner of the game is the player with more cards when all the cards are gone from the stack.
  4. Now try the same activity with each player pulling two cards and adding them. Which sum is more? How much more? How much less?

Parent tip:
Playing with numeral cards helps children learn to compare quantities of numbers. Children can also learn addition and subtraction.

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