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History on the Go

Visit the historical places in your child's history book, either in person or by collecting materials.

What you'll need:
Your child's history book
Maps, guidebooks
History log

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What to do:

  1. Find out what historical events your child is studying in school. Perhaps a historical site is near your town. Choose a site of one of these events to visit in person or through the materials you collected.

  2. Prepare the trip together in advance. Ask the librarian to help you and your child find books and videos on the history of the town or the historical figures who lived there.

  3. Call the Chamber of Commerce of the area for maps and guidebooks.

  4. Make a list. Think of some questions you want answered on your trip.

  5. Talk about the place you are visiting.

  6. Have your child write about the trip in the history log. Include answers to the questions that were answered that day.

  7. Have your children make up a quiz for parents, or a game, based on the trip.

  8. Encourage your child to read more stories about the place you visited and the people who were part of its history, and historical documents that are associated with the site. For example, in visiting Akron, Ohio, the site of the Ohio Women's Rights Convention in 1851, you might read Sojourner Truth's address, known also as Ane Ain't I a Woman?

Questions to ask:
What was historical about the place you visited? What kinds of things communicated the history of the place? When you returned, did you see your town in a new way, or notice something you hadn't seen before?

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