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Our Town

Your phone book, newspaper, and other resources can serve as your best guide to history in your town. Not only does referring to them save time, it teaches how to use tools to get information.

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What you'll need:
Phone books, both yellow and white pages
Daily city newspaper
Community newspaper
History log

What to do:

  1. Newspaper search. Look in your city and community newspapers. They list "things to do." Look for parades, museum and art exhibits, music events, children's theater, history talks and walks.

    Participate in an event and help your child write about it in the history log when you get back home.

    For more help, call education services at your city newspaper. Ask about their education programs that use newspapers.

  2. Phone book search. Look in your phone books under "History" or "Historical Places." You will find a few places under this heading but many more are listed elsewhere.

    Brainstorm with your children about what other words to look under in the phone book to find local history.

    Call the places you find. Ask about their programs, hours, and upcoming special events. Ask to be put on their mailing list. Also ask where else you should go to learn about your town's history.

    Your younger children should listen to your phone conversation. They learn how to ask for information by listening to you.

  3. Begin a list in the history log of local historical sites. Include phone numbers, addresses, hours of operation, and other useful information for future visits.

Questions to ask:
What is the most surprising thing you learned about your town? If you were asked to be a tour guide for visitors to your town, what would you show them? If you went to another town, how would you go about visiting it?

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